I have played the Political Machine 2012 and thought it was alright/good, But... it could use some improvement that I hope they will included on (supposing they make) the Political Machine 2016.

1. 3rd Party or Independent Candidates- O.K. I know if you set your custom candidate to two in the game files you

A Example of an Independent Candidate (Ross Perot

will make him an independent, three or more a no party (it is heavily bugged) and you can only play against a Democrat. But what if without using the game files you could play as a Independent, 3rd Party, or make up your own file.

2. Election Night- If you have ever played President Forever + Primaries you have noticed the election night process to be like a real Election Night with the time and which states are called in order. In the Political Machine 2012 however... It is just starting from the east one state called at a time. I would like the real likeness of a proper election night(I am sorry if likeness is not a word).

3. Saying No- What if... a running mate could such as in real life say no to your offer to him/her. I would like it to be that the number of points you have accumulated by the middle of the game to tell if you can afford a character. Prices will depend on the candidates actual chances of winning the nomination/presidency. Such as Hillary Clinton costing more than Ron/Rand Paul.

4. More jobs for the Running Mate-It would be cool if your Running Mate could do more than just stand around like hold rallies. Maybe give him his own stamina bar.

5. Historic Election- Hay we got Historic Characters... we should have historic elections with only historic characters from the election. The Elections will have historic issues. The elections will be 1788, a new nation emerges with many governmental choices to the foundation of the country. 1860, as slavery divides a nation to a boiling point the election will choose the winner and decided the Souths decision. 1904, Workers v. Employers, Child Labor is everywhere, what will the next president choose, Worker or Employer rights. 1932, Three years have passed since the worst economic disaster in American History, the great depression. What will you do about it? 1940, War is in Europe and Japan is conquering Asia and the Pacific. What will you do? Go to war against the Axis powers or stay neutral. 1968, Social change is everywhere, the war in Vietnam drags on, and to top it off the Soviet Union is looking to destroy you and your nation. What will you do about the turmoil?

6. Fix 2008 sign in the game- What does Fix 2008 signs in the game mean? It means I often see the Political Machine 2008 signs around instead of 2012. Make sure to make all signs about 2016. Here is what I mean...
Win chanellenging

Here it is Highlighted in Red

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